Forever Starts Now.

"Bring on the shackles — I'm your prisoner."
—Edward Cullen

Do you listen to critical reviews, at all?  Do you read them?

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Robert how is your Polish?

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Photocall Cannes 2009  vs. Cannes 2012

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"It’s been unbelievable. The craziest thing is that none of us expected this, and it kind of just came out of nowhere."

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Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2010-2012)

Kristen has a very seductive walk. Kill me.

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MAPS TO THE STARS ~ Trailer (x)

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Rey x Jerome

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From the trees of velvet green


Pacotão de Avatares - campeões de notes (set 2013)

Robert Pattinson - avatares 200x400

Para usar, clique na foto para abrir no tamanho original, depois clique com o botão direito, depois em “copiar endereço da imagem” e coloque no seu perfil - caso vá usá-los em fóruns.


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